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Beyond Promises and Choices

The Beyond Promises and Choices Curriculum is a school and community based program of counseling, mentoring and soft skills training that improve the social–emotional, behavioral, and educational competencies of students ages 13-18 years old. Students who participate in our program experience a greater social-emotional and psychological well-balance, valuing their self worth, and are set on the right path to achieving their goals. Our curriculum-based process of skill building, exposure, and educating young ladies with a foundation for personal and academic accomplishment is our caveat to success.

Beyond Promises and Choices is dedicated to empower of teen girls with the ability to understand their purpose in life. Helping Us Help Her (H.U.H.H.) will conduct program activities advancing its educational and charitable purposes by providing, exposing, educating and preparing teenage girls for successful adulthood.

Our 8 Curriculum Modules


The Best In Me

My Deepest Fear – They will be able to identify with their inner personal feelings of how others see them, and determine in a positive manner what really matters.
(A reflection of who they are.)

What Is Beauty?

Your manners, morals, and makeup (M3). Participants will improve and demonstrate an understanding on proper and acceptable ways to having and utilizing individual moral values and etiquette skills as a guiding principle to everyday life.


The Need to Know – Participants will be exposed to knowledge and information that may not be socially acceptable; however this knowledge leads to a clear understand of what is reality. Young ladies get an opportunity to share social norms and behaviors that reflect their decision-making within society. 

Girl Talk

(The Misunderstood/Unspoken Words of Teens) This is an isolated space established to safely discuss and share in a group setting regarding  a young lady’s personal experience. They will learn that our behaviors, thoughts, and actions can determine our future.

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Relating to Relationships

Demonstrates the means of being connected. This module allows participants to observe, balance, and understand the difference of relationships through family, friends, and connections.

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Conflict Resolution

This modules allow participants to find peace and/or understanding in the midst of their adversities (storms). These are the ways and means to understanding things that may not be in alignment to your own personal beliefs or knowledge of understanding.

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Future Me

Provide Academic Readiness, Leadership Skills and Wealth Building Management – The module will address the important personal and professional skills, goal setting, and financial literacy, college/career preparation, goal setting, financial literacy skills, and planning management.

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Ideal Woman

This is allow participants to focus on building and maximizing their resources. Participants will demonstrate professional ethical behavior standards and legal responsibilities. Learn concepts on how to dress, self-presence, and seizing your opportunity.

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Developing the YOU in her so everyone will desire to know the HER in you.

Developing the YOU in her so everyone will desire to know the HER in you.

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