Sponsorship Packages Information:

Corporate/Title Sponsor (Diamond and Pearls Appreciation Gala) $10,000-

Helping Us Help Her (HUHH) organization’s “Diamonds and Pearls Appreciation Gala” in its 7th year. This organization was started by a young lady’s vision in 2008. Her initiative started as a social “girl talk” activity and expanded to an 8 module handbook- Beyond Promises and Choices. In addition to the modules, HUHH offers programming, volunteerism, community involvement throughout the year to reinforce the modules’ principles.  The mission of the organization is to provide developmental tools to teenage girls that will equip them to become morally excellent.  The Gala audience is young ladies as well as community leaders, parents, school administration, City officials, Juvenile System, supports, volunteers and a attendance of annual Donors.

Diamonds are a girls’ best friend. Diamonds start out as a rough jagged piece of coal. With a lot of pressure and nurturing the piece of coal is “TRANSFORMED” into an exquisite piece of jewelry. Like diamonds, pearls, also go through a natural process of forming. Pearls ar the by-product of an oyster protecting itself form outside contaminants. The oyster forms a “SHELL” around the irritant to protect itself.  These descriptions are a lot like what young ladies as well as women go through in life to eventually become who they are today.

$10,000 – As presenting sponsor your product/individual or company name will be strongly associated with marketing, media and promotional efforts.



  1. 1 year visibility on our website
  2. Company Banner ad on www.huhh.org
  3. Company executive to have 5 minute remarks at event
  4. Distribution of Title Sponsor’s Marketing material at event (provided by sponsor)
  5. Social and any Media broadcasting handle included in event related blasts
  6. Company mentions in all press releases
  7. Red Carpet Experience
  8. Tags on all social media links in reference to event
  9. Presenting Sponsor display on all table signage
  10. Pop up banner positioned at event
  11. Logo on step and repeat banner
  12. Recognize on event day Program booklet
  13. Promotional products displayed at all event and carpet experience
  14. Meet & Greet photos
  15. (2) Distinguished VIP Seating
  16. (8) Tickets to Gala

$5,000 – Ring Sponsor (8 tickets)

$2,500 – Diamond Sponsor (6 tickets)

$1,000 – Pearl Sponsor (4 tickets)

$800 – Table Sponsor (Dinner with seating For 8 with table signage)

$75 – Individual ticket (Dinner with designated seating )

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